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Eugenia Smirnova

Hello. I am here, Committed to your and your business success.

Relentless in helping you get your brand to be your powerful ally.
Fierce in protecting you from belittling your gifts and undermining what you can earn for the services you offer.

I’ve been consciously designing and manifesting my life for the last 30 years. Education in art, design and business from both Russia and the US.  Education in graphic design and brand management at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.  Over 20 years of experience in design and business in Russian, European and US markets.

Continuous love affair with life, communication, beauty and free will. An immigrant with gratitude for where I’m from, as well as a whole lot of thankfulness to the possibilities of life in the US. I bring to my clients my  expertise in branding (behavior), creative benefit and competitive advantage.



  • brand strategy

  • identity & brand development

  • web and print design

  • project management

  • client cheer-leading

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On a More Personal Note...

Beauty and free will have been the beacons of my life. Like many little girls I was crazy about horses (still am). The most amazing thing about riding for me, however, was that the beautiful being, ten times bigger than me, was cooperating with me out of the free will.  

Years went by, and in search of my M.O. I discovered that my OWN is the ultimate way for ME to be in business. In my work with clients, I am trusted to bring out to the world and showcase in images and words the most beautiful, cherished and personal dreams and ambitions. Life changing things happen when my clients and I get together. Why? Because of our mutual, free will based, commitment to ourselves and each other...

What I’ve learned through being a foreigner, having two immigrations under my belt, getting a crazy hard education from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, as well as working and failing in trying to work for great big agencies, before deciding to run my own business since 2007.

  • When you don’t speak the language, you look closer. I’ve done a lot of that in my travels throughout the world. Yes, there are differences.
  • And, yes, we all share same values as people and desire for being seen and for our unique humanity to be recognized and acknowledged. I hear and look past the words. I make sure you are seen and acknowledged. 

“I love the role of the interpreter
when I can take abstract thoughts and ideas
and create a vision - an image that will relate the value and tell the story of the business, product or service ...irresistibly.”

~ Eugenia