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Brand Strategy, Logo development, packaging & point of purchase design. Web development and implementation. Fast turnaround time & impeccable customer service. 

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How we do it?

Imagine looking at your operation 360° from the viewpoint of a hot air baloon ride. If you need it, we’ll ask tough questions, reach deep and answer with design that represents.

  • Is your message true to the core essence of your product or service?
  • Is there a need for more coherent message?
  • Who are your clients?
  • What do your customers look like behaviorally, visually, financially? Got pictures?
  • Are you currently reaching your customers?
  • What benefits are social media tools providing?
  • What are your long-term goals and how do you intend to get there?

Our aim is to partner with you throughout your process to success. If you already have the big picture defined, we’ll give it high definition.

Our Customers Say...

"Eugenia embodies a rare set of capabilities. She applies an excellent process to the project; she knows how to listen and learn your objectives. She asks the right questions to drill deeper into the who you are and what you do and then uses this information to astutely represent the core capabilities of your organization."~ BiOptix Business Development Department



Our Practice

Hello. We are here, nestled in the Heart of Humboldt County. Committed to your and your business success. Relentless in helping you get your brand to be your powerful ally.

Our clients benefit from our artistic approach, flexibility & creative solutions, a keen understanding of business needs and experience in the market field. 

Since 2007, Baza Design has been delivering successful Branding & Marketing communications in print & web for a wide range of business.

When is it time to build a brand?

The answer is NOW. To attract your perfect client, contract, etc. YOU have to show up loud and clear.

Your brand is not a box that you must fit into. Rather, it is a support system to help display your core values and beliefs in such a way that people who are looking for YOUR product or service can
see and hear you from a mile away.

Hiring a brand expert is hiring a guide.
— ~ Eugenia